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E-Coat Oven Upgrade

E-Coat Oven Upgrade

Our customer approached us about their industrial ovens at their automotive paint-drying plant. We were asked to replace their heat exchange system to support their aims to increase their energy efficiency. The customer specified their tight schedules over short shutdown availability which meant we would have to ensure our solution could be installed within a short downtime period.

We proposed to manufacture and install 6 new heat exchangers with PC3 and PC4 burners to replace their existing (Eisenmann) units. This bespoke heater application utilised the Siemens LMV51 system for improved burner efficiency with high-quality control. The bespoke design for this system was made to include special component requirements to match the old heater units.

The execution of this project began with the removal of six heater boxes previously used by the customer. All repairs to the damaged internal oven walls were carried out as part of our preparation for the Comtherm heaters to be installed. To ensure a smooth installation with the sites space restrictions, the new heaters were split into two pieces during manufacturing so that they could be assembled and welded on-site. All six heaters were commissioned whilst monitoring flue gas analysis for optimum efficiency.