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Dungs MB-ZRDLE Two Stage MultiBloc Gas Valves

Dungs MB-ZRDLE Two Stage MultiBloc Gas Valves

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The Dungs MB-ZRDLE Gas Valves range offers the ultimate in technical sophistication and performance in gas flow regulation. Favoured by industry professionals, these valves incorporate a suite of advanced features that ensure reliability, accuracy, and safety.

Technical Highlights:

  1. Double Electromagnetic Safety: Each valve is equipped with dual electromagnetic circuits. This not only increases reliability but also ensures an extra layer of safety in the event of a primary circuit failure.

  2. Pressure Monitoring: The MB-ZRDLE series has an integrated pressure monitoring system, enabling accurate readings and adjustments to ensure optimal combustion conditions.

  3. Rapid Shutoff Feature: The quick-closing mechanism is designed to minimise gas wastage and halt flow immediately in the event of irregularities or system faults.

  4. High Flow Rate: Crafted for performance, these valves can handle substantial flow rates without compromising on safety or efficiency.

  5. Temperature Resilience: Built with materials that can endure varying temperature conditions, the MB-ZRDLE range remains functional and safe even under extreme temperatures.

  6. Direct Mounting Capabilities: These valves can be directly mounted without the need for additional brackets or flanges, simplifying installation processes.

Which MBZRDLE Do You Need? Part Number Break Down...

Each MB-ZRDLE has a different set of numbers on the plate allowing you to work out exactly which valve you have and which replacement to order. The final code also tells you how the valve operates.

Nameplate Code 

Refers to

MB Multibloc
ZR Double-stage with partial volume setting first stage
D Main Volume Restrictor
LE Adjustable Opening Behaviour
4xx Construction Size and Nominal Diameter
BO Design Type
BO1 Two A valves for main gas + regulator
BO7 Two A valves for main gas, one A valve together with V1 as internal bypass around V2 + regulator
S2x 4 - 20mbar inlet and up to 360mbar outlet pressure
S5x 4 - 50mbar inlet and up to 360mbar outlet pressure
Sx0 Control of V1 and V2 Common
Sx2 Control of V1 and V2 Separated

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