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What are Gas Valves?

Gas valves are primarily used for regulating the supply (flow) of Natural Gas or LPG to the main burner and or Pilot assembly of the burner. As well as regulating flow, Gas Valves also act as a safety gas shut-off to the main burner by means of a thermocouple which is connected to the gas valve and in turn to the pilot assembly.

Gas Valves are primarily found in the main gas train. They can be as simple as a single solenoid-operated shut-off valve, or a fully modulating servo-controlled valve and anything in between. The valves vary a great deal in makeup but are connected to the gas train using standard-sized flanges. These flanges are sized appropriately for the application and the throughput of the valve. The two main types of flange are bolt-on or screw type.

Types of Gas Valve

  • Safety Shut Off Valves
  • Ignition Gas Valves
  • Two-Stage Safety Solenoid Valves
  • Dual Modular Safety Shut Off Valves
  • Double Solenoid Valves
  • Multibloc Gas Valves
  • Control & Safety Valves (Gas and Air Ratio)
  • Servo Pressure Regulator combined with Safety Shut Off Valve
Dungs Gas Train

Gas Train

Gas valves are a major component in the gas train supplying your burner. Comprising of both safety valves for automatic shut down of the supply in certain conditions and gas valves designed to regulate the supply; these components, when combined with pressure switches and filters (where appropriate), allow for the safe and controlled management of burners.

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