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Dungs MBVEF Gas Valves

Dungs MBVEF Gas Valves

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Dungs MBVEF Gas Valves

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DUNGS Gas MultiBloc MB-VEF: The Ultimate Combined Regulation and Safety Valve

Key Feature: Infinitely Variable Air/Gas Ratio Control Mode for Optimal Performance

Product Description

Discover the DUNGS GasMultiBloc MB-VEF…B01, a leading solution in gas regulation and safety. Seamlessly integrating a filter, gas-air ratio controls, valves, and pressure switches into one compact fitting, this valve is engineered for the modern demands of forced air burners and premix burners. Whether you're searching for reliability or efficiency, this DUNGS valve is compatible with gases of families 1, 2, 3, and other neutral gaseous media.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: Enables the optimal mixture formation for forced air burners and premix burners, making it a top choice for industrial gas regulation.
  • Approvals: EU type testing certificate, EU-Gas Appliances Regulation, EU-Pressure Equipment Directive. Trust in a product that meets international standards.
  • Operating Pressure: Up to 360 mbar (36 kPa) for precise control.
  • Ambient Temperature: -15 °C to +70 °C, ensuring reliable operation in diverse environments.
  • Materials: Crafted with premium materials like aluminium diecasting, NBR basis seals, and robust solenoid drives of steel, brass, and aluminium.

Functional Description

Experience the precision of the GasMultiBloc system. With its series of valves and pressure chambers, it guarantees sensitive gas and air pressure ratio adjustments, high flow values at minimal pressure drops, and an invaluable zero point correction feature.

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installation Position: Vertical orientation with the solenoid pointing upward for optimal performance.
  • Pulse Lines: Adhering to the highest standards with ≥ DN 4 (4 mm dia.), PN 1 steel construction.
  • Maintenance: Note that flange, line sockets, pulse lines, and screw unions are sold separately.

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