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Gas Boosters

Gas Boosters

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Gas Boosters

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What Does A Gas Booster Do?

In certain circumstances where the Gas supply pressure does not meet the required minimum to run your burner or burners at full output, you may require a Gas Booster. The Gas booster connects to the incoming supply and lifts this pressure (boosts) by means of a motor driven pump. 

Gas boosters require a separate incoming electrical supply as they usually include a stand alone control system. 

Due to the way Gas Boosters operate, it is highly recommended that an anti vibration kit be purchased to prevent unwanted noise and also increase longevity of your booster and its associated components. If you wish to further dampen the noise from your gas booster, an acoustic cover can be provided, these affect the external dimensions of the booster considerably, but full details can be provided upon request. 

Gas Booster Options

  • Single Booster > Single Burner
  • Single Booster > Multiple Burners
  • Twin Gas Booster (Fully Automated Failover Redundancy) > Single Burner
  • Twin Gas Booster (Fully Automated Failover Redundancy) > Multiple Burners

If you would like our assistance with Gas Booster selection, or would like a site visit to determine exactly what you might require, please feel free to contact us.

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