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Siemens VGF Gas Valve Body

Siemens VGF Gas Valve Body

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Siemens VGF Gas Valve Body

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The Siemens VGF single-body gas valves are similar in design to the VGG, differentiated by the type of fitting. The VGF is a flanged single gas valve, designed to be combined with the SKP range of actuator and configured as normally closed. The VGF range of gas valves provide safety shut-off, gas pressure regulation and/or air-gas ratio control for commercial or industrial gas burners depending on which SKP they are used in combination with. 

Siemens VGF Gas Valve Body

Siemens VGG Series

 Model Number Body Style Nominal
Air Flow
p = 0.1kPa/ /m³/h
VGF10.404P Single DN40 60 kPa 32.3 Cast Iron
VGF10.504P Single DN50
60 kPa 47.4 Cast Iron
VGF10.654P Single DN65 60 kPa 74 Cast Iron
VGF10.804P Single DN80 60 kPa 85.4 Cast Iron


All VGF valves can be combined with an SKP actuator. The actuator can be mounted while the valve is installed and under pressure. SKP regulating actuators are applicable for both low and high-supply gas pressure applications.

All VGF valves perform these functions in combination with each of the following actuators:

SKP25 ON/OFF with constant pressure control
SKP55 ON/OFF with differential pressure control, signal input to differential pressure 
SKP75 ON/OFF with ratio control, signal input to static pressure 


Since more than one function can be performed by a single valve, fewer components and fittings are required, significantly reducing both the size and weight of the gas train. In addition, smaller diameter gas valves can be used.

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