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Maintenance: Upgrading to Reduce Downtime

Maintenance: Upgrading to Reduce Downtime

Our long-standing customer originally had a PH burner installed in 1995 for their drying application which was continually serviced until we recently suggested an upgrade for several efficiency benefits. Following a request to visit their site and offer of improvement to efficiency within their production process, we recommended our PP burner as a complete solution for their application.

The PP Burner is a packaged system complete with a valve train and a control panel suitable for many applications which previously would have been supplied with a PH burner head. This complete solution is the perfect package to offer controlled drying with better maintenance due to easier access provided through the back panel to gain access to the burner head for repair where necessary and servicing.

All of this PH burner’s components have become obsolete over time which is another reason for the complete system upgrade. Due to this, the customer received a change in control via the modulating motors from a 24v switch to an AG8A2002-SE2 4-20mA signal to get better control over the oven temperature which in turn saves on gas usage.

In order to offer improved efficiency, maintenance is one of the key focuses to enhance and reduce any potential downtime. As the Siemens LGK Control Boxes became obsolete, we advised the customer to consider upgrading to a Fireye BurnerPro Control Box and switch to a Flame Rod for reliable and accurate monitoring. Comtherm’s PH150 Ionisation Probe can run for 24 hours without the need for a self-checking UV cell which is why this was the perfect solution for this application.


To conclude –
By upgrading from a PH burner to a PP burner and integrating advanced control and ignition systems, the industrial facility successfully addressed challenges related to equipment efficiency and maintenance.

The comprehensive solution not only increased operational efficiency but also streamlined maintenance processes, reducing overall costs.

The successful installation positions the client for improved performance, reliability, and longevity in their industrial drying applications.

 Customers oven shell, pre-installation Comtherm PP Burner installed and Commissioned on a dry-off oven

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