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Comtherm AHP Heater

The ‘AHP’ series of indirect heat exchangers are designed for commercial air heating applications. The robust construction of the units makes them an ideal heat source for shopping centres and commercial premises. AHP heaters are usually fitted with a high temperature limit thermostat or thermocouple unit, in order to protect the heat exchanger from excessive overheat. Heater capacities of thermal outputs from 60kW to 1200kw are available.

The standard AHP heaters consist of a heat exchanger module with reverse pass combustion chamber and two pass tube bank. The combustion chamber and the tube banks are manufactured using high-grade stainless steels and both the chamber and tube bank assembly are independently mounted to cater for differential expansion. The outer casing of the AHP unit is manufactured from standard carbon steel and is of an uninsulated construction. The complete inner assembly can be withdrawn on the front plate for repair or servicing.

AHP Heater Technical Features

  • Typical Applications

    • Air replacement for commercial properties
    • Air replacement for spray booths
  • Turndown

  • Burner Duty

    Heater capacities of thermal outputs from 60kW to 1200kw are available; special units to meet the requirements of a particular application can be supplied.

  • Gas Supply Pressure

  • Fuel Types

    • Natural gas
    • LPG
    • Light fuel oils
  • Flame Length

    mm (max)