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Siemens LME7 Controls

Siemens LME7 Controls

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Siemens LME7 Controls

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What Does The LME7 Controller Do?

The LME7 burner control is ideally suited for use in industrial thermal process applications.  The LME7 is extremely flexible and includes the following features:

  • Accepts standard UV, self-check UV, or self-check IR scanners and/or flame rods
  • Integral LED display
  • Programmable purge times and safety times
  • Programmable actuator positions for purge, ignition, and low fire
  • Adjustable time overlap of spark ignition and pilot valve
  • Adjustable time overlap of the pilot and main gas valves
  • Proof-of-closure (POC) switch monitoring
  • Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP communication
  • Optional gas valve proving function
  • Password-protected access to OEM parameters
  • Integrated actuator control
  • Integrated PWM blower control
Siemens LME7 Burner Controls System

Base Unit

You will require one of the LME7 base units:

 LME71.0001A1 Flame safeguard, without actuator control, without self-check scanner capability, 110V
 LME73.0001A1 Flame safeguard, with actuator control, without self-check scanner capability, 110V 
 LME75.0001A1 Flame safeguard, with actuator control, with self-check scanner capability, 110V 

Program Module 

Choose one of the following PME7 program modules.  The program module contains the program sequence used to operate the burner. 

 Model Base
Can Be
UV Scanner
Self Checking
UV or
IR Scanner
Purge Ind.
Ignition Position
Input for
Fire Rate
PME71.111A1 LME71.000A1
PME71.112A1  LME71.000A1
PME71.901A1 LME71.000A1
PME73.811A1  LME73.000A1
PME73.812A1  LME73.000A1
PME73.840A1  LME73.000A1
PME75.811A1  LME75.000A1
PME75.812A1  LME75.000A1

Plug Set

The terminal plug set for the LME7 is sold separately.  Each LME7 needs one plug set. 

 AGG3.710 Plug set containing all terminals for an LME7 system

Remote Display (Optional)

Each LME7 can be equipped with a remote display that provides additional status information not shown by the integral LED display on the LME7.  Either the remote display or the ACS410 software are required to change parameter settings on the LME7.

 ALZ23.00A9 Backlit remote display

Remote Display Cable (Optional) 

 TDCCOMBO Pre-made 7-foot cable and adapter for connecting the AZL23 display to the LME7 base unit 

Interface Modules and Accessories

A separate interface module is required for Modbus or BACnet MS/TP communication with the LME7. 

OCI417.10 Modbus and BACnet MS/TP interface module  
TDC207 7-foot cable to connect OCI417.10 to LME7 base unit 


The Siemens LME7 is designed to be used with SQM4 and SQM5 actuators. It can be used with QRA4, QRA75 and QRI2 Flame Scanners.

If you would like further assistance in designing your LME7 based system, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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