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Comtherm PC Package Burner

Pre-packaged Fan Assisted Burner - Suited to all low temperature gas fired applications

Comtherm PC Burner

Flexible & Adaptable

The ‘PC’ series of burners are packaged units designed to suit virtually all types of industrial gas fired applications.

The design of the 'PC' burner allows the plant designer complete flexibility in their application and the burner can be adapted for special physical arrangements.

The units are suitable for all commercially available gases and can be configured to work on low calorific fuels such as syngas and biogas.

The robustness and flexibility of the burners allows them to be used in many industries including food, automotive, aerospace, materials finishing, minerals processing and ceramic drying.

​All Comtherm burners are designed with ease of maintenance a top priority. All parts can be removed without unbolting the unit from the mounting flange. The rear panel on the burner can be removed, which allows easy access to the gas nozzle, spark electrode and flame sensor.

Explore the Proven Excellence of the PC Range – a renowned package burner in the industry. With its recognised cone design, the PC series ensures exceptional heat distribution and turn-down capabilities. Comtherm's innovative approach allows precise control of gas and air, enhancing both performance and emissions.

Benefit from the advanced integration of Siemens LMV37 and LMV51 ratio control systems in the PC series. This not only improves emissions and turndown but also elevates reliability. The adoption of Siemens ratio control facilitates enhanced diagnostics, reducing fault-finding times and minimising downtime. Siemens LMV technology offers unparalleled advantages, making Comtherm well-equipped to meet diverse requirements.

The robust configuration of the PC burner makes it versatile for various industries, including chemical, automotive, and paint finishing. Whether for direct-fired or indirect applications, the PC burner provides tailored solutions. Explore the advantages of indirect-fired systems on our dedicated page.
Elevate your industry processes with the precision and reliability of the PC Range. Get in touch with our Sales Department to discover the possibilities

PC Technical Features

  • Typical Applications

    • Pulp & Paper Dryers
    • Industrial Dryers
    • Industrial Ovens
    • Food Ovens
    • Oxidisers
    • Stenters
    • Lehrs
    • Spray Booths
    • Printing Lines
    • Rotary dryers

  • Turndown

    Up to 30:1

  • Burner Duty

    ​The standard PC burner is available in sizes from 60kW to 14000kW and available in high-low, modulating gas and modulating gas and air versions.

  • Gas Supply Pressure

    Only low pressures are required, typically 10mbar at the burner head.

  • Fuel Types

    • Suitable for operation on most gaseous fuels.
  • Flame Length

    mm (max)


  • PC Burner Manual

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below

  • PC Burner Datasheet

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below

  • PC Technical Manual

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below