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Package Burners for all applications

Comtherm Burner Range

Comtherm have been manufacturing industrial process burners for nearly fifty years. The burners are capable of firing most commercial gasses such as LPG and natural gas as well as low calorific gasses, syngas and hydrogen. The burners are designed to be robust and reliable, offer high efficiency, low emissions and be simple to maintain. In addition to gas burners the company also manufactures and supplies burners for distillate oils. The units are available in dual and multi fuel variants.

Comtherm have burner ranges suitable for most applications including kilns and furnaces in high temperature applications and dryers and ovens for lower temperature applications. A range of in duct line burners are available to satisfy the needs of the industrial air heating market such as air replacement plants and large spray or drying rooms.

  • Comtherm EK Burner

    EK Burner

    The EK Burner is a robust industrial package burner suitable for direct firing in many applications where high turndown, short flame and low emission performance is required.

  • FC Burner

    The FC series of Fume Cone gas burners have been specifically designed for fume incineration applications.

  • IL Burner

    The IL gas burner head is designed to suit virtually all types of low temperature, gas fired air heating applications.

  • PC Burner

    The PC series burners are packaged units designed to suit virtually all types of industrial gas fired applications.

  • Comtherm PCF Burner

    PCF Burner

    The design of the PCF burner allows the equipment designer complete flexibility in their application as they can be adapted suit the layout of the plant.

  • PH Burner

    The PH and PH-C series are designed to operate in systems where short flames and high turn down ratios are required.

  • Comtherm PP Burner

    PP Burner

    The PP series of gas burners are pre-packaged, fan assisted units designed to suit virtually all industrial gas fired applications.

  • Comtherm RSP Burner

    RSP Burner

    The RSP series of burners are designed to suit applications where recirculated air is utilised. These burner are fan assisted.

  • Comtherm SP Burner

    SP Burner

    Fan assisted units designed to fire applications where fresh air is to be heated from ambient temperatures up to plant requirements; typical applications include industrial spray booths and drying rooms.

  • Comtherm TFR Burner

    TF Burner

    The TF burner series of packaged gas burners have been specifically designed for the firing of immersion tubes installed in liquid tanks.

  • Comtherm TFR Burner

    TFR Burner

    ​The TFR burner head has been specially developed for small bore applications and is available for firing into immersion tubes with diameters up to 200mm and length to diameter ratios up to 140:1.

  • Comtherm TFR-HT Burner

    TFR-HT Burner

    The ‘TFR-HT’ burner series of packaged gas burners have been specifically designed for the firing of high-temperature ovens.