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Burner Control Boxes

Burner Control Boxes

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Burner Control Boxes

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What Is a Burner Control Box?

An industrial burner control box is a device used to regulate and control the operation of burners in industrial processes. It plays a crucial role in maintaining safe and efficient combustion in various applications such as furnaces, boilers, ovens, kilns, and incinerators. Here are some key functions and features of an industrial burner control box:

Ignition Control: The control box manages the ignition sequence, ensuring the safe and reliable start-up of the burner. It controls the timing and duration of the ignition process, monitoring flame sensors to confirm successful ignition.

Flame Monitoring: The control box incorporates flame detection sensors to monitor the presence and stability of the flame. If the flame goes out unexpectedly during operation, the control box can initiate safety measures, such as shutting off fuel flow to prevent hazardous conditions.

Fuel Regulation: It controls the flow rate of fuel to the burner, maintaining the desired fuel-to-air ratio for efficient combustion. This ensures optimal heat generation and reduces emissions.

Safety Measures: The control box incorporates various safety features to prevent dangerous situations. It may include pressure switches, temperature sensors, and limit switches to monitor and control parameters such as fuel pressure, temperature, and air supply.

Diagnostic Capabilities: Many modern burner control boxes have diagnostic functionalities that allow monitoring and troubleshooting of the burner system. They can provide real-time data, fault detection, and diagnostic codes to aid in maintenance and repair.

Interfacing and Integration: The control box can communicate with external devices and systems, such as supervisory control systems or building automation systems, enabling centralised monitoring and control of multiple burners or integrating them into larger industrial processes.

Overall, an industrial burner control box serves as the central control unit for burners, ensuring safe, efficient, and reliable operation while providing diagnostic and monitoring capabilities for maintenance and optimisation purposes.

Most control boxes are used in conjunction with an array of gas or air pressure switches and a selection of valves. The control box will also take a signal from a flame detection device such as an ionisation rod or a UV Cell.

Comtherm can supply the vast majority of control boxes at very competitive prices. We can supply any quantity too, from a one-off Control Box to 200 of the same Control box for larger OEM's. Should you have an existing burner and require assistance finding a newer control box for the obsolete model fitted, please call our office and we will assist you as to which control box is installed and which replacement you require.

Which Control Box Fits My Burner?

Burner manufacturers often change the type of control box fitted to a specific model after a model update, this means it can be difficult to establish exactly which control box you might require. We have the experience and technical expertise to assist you in finding the ideal replacement for your application. Just contact us and give us the details you have, and we will do our best to recommend a replacement.

Ideally, we would require an image of the burner plate and if you can access the control box a photo of that too. We will then use this information to establish which box you might require.

Control Box Connection Diagrams

The majority of our control box product pages have a link to the data sheets for the respective box, within these links are the wiring diagrams, if you would rather an engineer fit the box for you, please contact the Comtherm service department who will be happy to assist.

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