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Burner Replacement Project

Burner Replacement Project

This powder oven business approached us with an old, worn-down burner they requested to be upgraded after noticing less effective drying. Due to the obsolete components, the customer was unable to acquire replacement parts to get this burner running smoothly again. The focus of this project was to achieve a quick delivery and installation time, therefore reducing the downtime incurred. 

After-Sales Manager, Leon, conducted a full site survey and concluded that the best fit for the job would be our EK burner range. Due to the capacity requirements and temperature demand, our EK-2 is the ideal compact unit that would meet the customer’s needs. Another reason for our recommendation is that the EK burner range is supplied with a built-in control panel that matches the original burner's current arrangement and allows for an easy transition.

Within the original system, there was an ageing incoming gas pipe that was

acknowledged during the initial assessment by our engineer. To ensure we offered the complete service and attain an effective, durable and maintainable combustion system. We suggested replacing this pipework as an essential factor to reduce risk, improve safety and guarantee the longevity of the system. The proposition that we provided, outlined the short delivery time that we were able to achieve, due to the complete solution our EK packaged burner range has to offer.

This particular project was run on natural gas, which is a commonly used fuel within the oven drying industry and in turn supports the aims of a quick turnaround. The Service Team completed this burner upgrade’s build, delivery and installation within a 4-week period to the customer's satisfaction.


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