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Comtherm TF Package Burner

Comtherm TFR Burner

The TF burner series of packaged gas burners have been specifically designed for the firing of immersion tubes installed in liquid tanks.

TF burners are blown units, this means that there is no requirement for a suction exhaust fan on the tube. This enables simple installation and low maintenance. The unit is simple and safe to operate. All burners are pre-fired and fully tested before leaving our works.

The TF burner utilises Comtherm PC nozzle mix burner heads and is intended for application to conventional sized tubes with diameters up to 300mm and length to diameter ratios up to 60:1.

​All Comtherm burners are designed with ease of maintenance a top priority. All parts can be removed without unbolting the unit from the mounting flange. The rear panel on the burner can be removed, which allows easy access to the gas nozzle, spark electrode and flame sensor.

TF Technical Features

  • Typical Applications

    • Anodising Lines
    • Quench Tanks
    • Spray Tanks
    • Chem Coat
    • Dip Tanks
    • Fryers
    • Vats
    • Product Finishing
    • Metal Treatment
    • Automotive
    • Brewing
  • Turndown

    Up to 30:1

  • Burner Duty

    The TF burners are available in sizes from 50kW to 1000kW and available in on-off and high-low versions

  • Gas Supply Pressure

    ​Typically 20mbar

  • Fuel Types

    • Natural gas
    • LPG
  • Flame Length

    mm (max)


  • TF Burner Manual

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below

  • TF Burner Datasheet

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below