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Siemens VGD20 | VGD40

Siemens VGD20 | VGD40

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Siemens VGD20 | VGD40

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Siemens VGD Range


Siemens VGD20 Valve Details

  • Internally Threaded Flanges
  • 1" - 2"
  • Single Seat
  • Suitable for use with SKP Valves

Siemens VGD40 Valve Details

  • External Bolt Through Flanges
  • DN40 - DN150
  • Double Seat
  • Suitable for use with SKP Valves

Siemens VRD40 Valve Details

  • Suitable For Use With Bio Fuels
  • External Bolt Through Flanges
  • DN40 - DN150
  • Double Seat
  • Suitable for use with SKP Valves


Introducing the Siemens VGD series – the epitome of reliability and safety in combustion engineering. Crafted with precision, the VGD (ValveGuard) represents a series of double gas solenoid valves, ideal for stringent gas safety shutoff applications.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Solenoid Design: Integrating two solenoid valves in one compact unit, the VGD series is engineered to offer redundancy without the need for extensive space or additional fittings, optimising both safety and efficiency.

  2. Durability: Built for industrial applications, these valves are constructed using robust materials, ensuring a long operational lifespan even under the most challenging conditions.

  3. Precision Control: With a fast response time and consistent operation, the VGD ensures precise control over gas flow, reducing the risk of over or under-supply.

  4. Safety Compliance: Designed in line with leading industry safety standards, the VGD series valves prioritise user and equipment safety, making them a top choice for critical applications.

  5. Easy Integration: Its design simplicity and compatibility with a wide range of systems make integration straightforward for engineers.


The Siemens VGD series is perfectly suited for a range of industrial combustion processes that demand high reliability and stringent safety protocols. Whether it's a heating system, industrial burner, or any other combustion application, the VGD stands out as a trusted choice.

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