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Comtherm IL Burner

Comtherm IL Burner

The iL gas burner head is designed to suit virtually all types of low temperature, gas fired air heating applications. The iL burner is constructed using a series of modules. Each 150mm module is capable of an output of 75kW with a head pressure of 10mbar natural gas and 100 kW with a head pressure of 18 mbar. The iL-HC unit has an output of 150kW per 150mm. The burner is available with a cast iron or cast aluminium manifold. The IL can be fitted into process air ducts having velocities of 5 to 25m/sec. Airflow should be uniform across the air duct, both upstream and downstream of the burner. All the air required for combustion is supplied by utilising the process air.

Careful attention must be paid to the velocity of the air across the burner and the oxygen content of the process air. Process temperatures up to 40°C can be accepted upstream of the burner and downstream temperatures should be limited to 200°C. Most duct layouts can be accommodated as the modular construction of the burner and its availability in “Straight”, “X” and “T” sections enable many burner configurations to be generated.

IL Technical Features

  • Typical Applications

    • Air Replacement Plants
    • Air Handling Units
    • Heating Schemes
    • Industrial Dryers
    • Industrial Ovens
    • Grain Dryers
  • Turndown

    ​Up to 25:1

  • Burner Duty

    ​The IL burner is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, ranging from nominal thermal capacities of 150kW to more than 20MW and is available in high/low and modulating gas.

  • Gas Supply Pressure

    Typically 30 mbar

  • Fuel Types

    • Natural gas
    • LPG
  • Flame Length

    300mm (max)


  • IL Burner Manual

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below

  • IL Burner Datasheet

    Download a PDF copy by clicking the link below