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Thermal Oxidising Waste Solution

Thermal Oxidising Waste Solution

This customer approached us looking to develop an energy-efficient system for their waste management business. The bespoke combustion system that the customer wanted to achieve would use a pyrolysis method for heating waste products and the absence of oxygen produces syngas that could be fired back into the burner to burn the remaining waste. Their self-sufficient solution would require our expertise to manufacture a unique system that could operate on syngas and withstand temperatures of 900 - 1200 degrees.

This system is focused around repurposing the by-product where the customer can use the initial product as a fuel to burn and create gases that will then burn the secondary product. With the aim for producing zero emissions, this can be achieved when burning at 900+ degrees.

After communications with the customer, we gained the full scope of the project and understood the customer's requirements and capabilities with their current site layout.

With this combustion system being at high risk for explosions, it must be ATEX-approved which involves the planning of zones and identifying the equipment used within these areas. 

Following the completion of manufacturing and commissioning this system, we knew that the customer wanted to get further site support to ensure optimum running efficiency. We continue to work closely with this customer to achieve the best functioning thermal oxidiser for their needs. 

Our leading team of technical engineers have provided support throughout this development, installation and ongoing running with technical advice to optimise the system in achieving the best efficiency.

Large industrial thermal oxidiser being carried on a fork lift truck into a metal container  Combustion Unit being fitted with burner fan and valve train assembly before wiring

Progress picture of thermal oxidiser inside container  Complete unit of thermal oxidiser ready for transportation to the customers site


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