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Ionisation Probes

Ionisation Probes

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Ionisation Probes

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The ionisation probe, also known as an ionisation rod or flame sensor, plays a crucial role in combustion systems by detecting the presence or absence of a flame. It is a vital component that ensures the safe and efficient operation of various heating and combustion processes.

Ionisation Probe

What is an Ionisation probe?

Comprised of a conductive metal rod, typically constructed from stainless steel or a suitable material, the ionisation probe is strategically positioned within the combustion chamber or near the burner flame. Once the burner is ignited, the flame engulfs the ionisation probe.

When the flame interacts with the probe, it induces ionisation in the surrounding air molecules. This ionisation process causes the air particles to acquire an electric charge, resulting in the generation of ions. The conductive metal rod of the ionisation probe serves as an electrode, facilitating the flow of these ions and enabling the formation of a small electrical current.

The combustion system continuously monitors this electrical current to ascertain the presence or absence of the flame. If the flame becomes extinguished or goes undetected, the electrical current will decrease significantly or halt altogether. This abrupt change in current triggers built-in safety mechanisms or prompts the initiation of corrective actions to prevent hazardous conditions or unnecessary fuel wastage.

What is its purpose?

The primary purpose of the burner ionisation probe is to provide reliable and rapid flame detection, ensuring optimal performance and safeguarding against potential hazards. By swiftly detecting any flame-related issues, such as flame failure, the ionisation probe contributes to the overall safety and efficiency of the combustion system.

Thanks to its ability to detect flame presence accurately and promptly, the ionisation probe acts as a vital safeguard, preventing the release of unburned fuel into the environment or the accumulation of potentially explosive gases. It enables the combustion system to maintain stable and controlled combustion, minimizing the risk of accidents, inefficiencies, and environmental harm.

In summary, the ionisation probe is an indispensable component of combustion systems, serving as a critical safety feature. Through the principle of ionisation, it detects the presence or absence of a flame, allowing for timely corrective measures to ensure safe and efficient operation.

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