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Transformative Upgrade of Ceiling Tile Drying Ovens with Comtherm's PC Burners

Comtherm PC Burners installed on a Tile Drying Ovens

Introduction -

Client Overview: A prominent player in the UK's ceiling tile manufacturing sought a comprehensive upgrade on the burner units for the heating of their new section of oven that would have a positive impact on the efficiency of the system and a decrease in gas usage. Their primary objectives were to improve maintenance practices and enhance overall efficiency.

Solution: The client opted for Comtherm's state-of-the-art PC Burners. This transformative upgrade was complemented by the integration of Siemens LMV51 Controls, providing advanced functionalities for precise burner management and improved maintenance.

Project Overview: The project unfolded in two phases, involving the installation and commissioning of a range of PC Burners tailored to the specific needs of ceiling tile drying ovens. The burners were equipped with modulating gas and air capabilities, ensuring optimal combustion control. Siemens LMV51 Controls were seamlessly integrated to enhance monitoring and control, contributing to efficient operation. The second part of this project introduced a unit of burners at the curing stage of the production line. This job involved a retrofit of six bespoke ribbon/line burners with an additional two to decrease downtime. These additional burners allow the customer to continuously run and achieve the same temperature without all burners firing simultaneously. Therefore, if there is a fault with one of the lines, it wouldn't impact their production.

Key Features:

  • Modulating Gas and Air: The PC burners were supplied with modulating gas and air, optimizing combustion control, and reducing energy consumption during the drying process.
  • Improved Maintenance with Siemens LMV51 Controls: The incorporation of Siemens LMV51 Controls significantly enhanced monitoring capabilities, enabling proactive maintenance. This, in turn, minimized downtime and contributed to increased overall reliability.

Project Achievements:

  1. Efficiency Gains:The upgraded system led to improved efficiency in the drying process, resulting in reduced energy consumption and tangible cost savings.
  2. Enhanced Maintenance Capabilities: Siemens LMV51 Controls facilitated advanced monitoring, allowing for proactive maintenance and swift issue resolution, ultimately minimizing downtime.
  3. Dual Drying Technology: Advanced technology in the board dryer introduced simultaneous drying to both the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring uniform drying and elevating the overall quality of ceiling tiles.

Conclusion: The successful collaboration between the client and Comtherm, incorporating PC Burners and Siemens LMV51 Controls, brought about a transformative upgrade in the ceiling tile drying process. This case study underscores the positive impact of advanced combustion solutions in the industrial sector, showcasing not only improved efficiency and reduced energy consumption but also enhanced maintenance capabilities and product quality.