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The Reliable PC Burner

The Reliable PC Burner

After 20 years of firing our reliable PC burner, our powder-coating customer decided it was time to invest in a brand-new burner to continue the job. The customer was pleased with the existing Comtherm PC burner’s performance to the current date and looked no further to order a replica of the original system. This often occurs when the burner's life span has been exhausted and it reaches a point of less efficiency. The customer’s loyalty showed us that the PC burner was doing the job we/they needed it to and the team were happy to proceed with a direct replacement to offer a shiny new version of the current system. This would reinstate the efficiency and provide the optimum output for the paint drying process. The focus of this project was to achieve a quick delivery and installation time, therefore reducing the downtime incurred on the job. 

The PC burner is one of Comtherm’s first fabrications that is vastly versatile and often a great fit for paint-finishing applications due to its flexibility and high turndown capabilities. This burner was already fitted on the job and would remain the best combustion solution for the customer’s needs. Thanks to the simple design of a PC, the customer can obtain a low-maintenance system that is straightforward and inexpensive to service.

We installed a PC1 burner with a capacity of 300kW using natural gas on a high/low system, allowing the customer to control the temperature for better accuracy and stopping the flame from overheating. Often in this industry, there are specific temperature requirements for the paint which means we must support the aim to not only achieve this temperature but to provide controls for the burner to stay at the desired temperature consistently.

Comtherm PC Burner, 20 years old, covered in powdered paint Obsolete TMG Control Box, covered in powdered paint  Inside of PC Burner, cone covered in powdered paint    

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