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Air Heaters for all applications

Comtherm Heater Range

Comtherm manufacture a wide range of robust air heaters, both indirect and directly fired, as well as a range of industrial air to air heat exchangers.

​Manufactured in the UK for over forty years, the units have been proved in many industries and on many different applications including food processing, product finishing, mineral drying, and ceramics.

​Direct fired units have been built to achieve outlet temperatures in excess of 1000°C, whilst indirect units are available to give temperature rises of up to 400°C.

Air to air heat recovery units are suitable for operating with exhaust gas streams up to 900°C.

​All units are designed with efficiency and reliability in mind to ensure the lowest running costs possible are achieved.

Comtherm have burner ranges suitable for most applications including kilns and furnaces in high temperature applications and dryers and ovens for lower temperature applications. A range of in duct line burners are available to satisfy the needs of the industrial air heating market such as air replacement plants and large spray or drying rooms.

  • AHP Heater

    The AHP series of indirect heat exchangers are designed for commercial air heating applications. Ideal as a heat source for shopping centers and commercial premises.

  • HEF Heater

    The HEF series of indirect fired heaters are designed to fire industrial process applications where process air is recirculated at relatively high plant operating temperatures.

  • HEM Heater

    The HEM series of heaters are designed to fire applications where process air is to be heated from ambient temperatures up to the process plant requirements.

  • HET Heater

    The HET heater is an indirect fired unit designed for most applications where there is a requirement to heat process air to 300°C in one lift.