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Comtherm Fume Cone Burner

Comtherm FC Burner

The ‘FC’ burner series of ‘FUME CONE’ gas burners have been specifically developed for fume incineration applications on a wide range of industrial plants; typical applications include the incineration of exhaust fumes from paint solvent and removal of smoke from curing ovens. The nozzle and lance are manufactured using high grade, heat resistant stainless steels whilst the cone is manufactured from a very high quality, heat resistant Inconel alloy. This maximises plant life and increases operating reliability. The complete FUME CONE burner assembly normally consists of the fuel nozzle, cone and lance assembly with insulated mounting plate, gas valve assembly and controls package.

The mounting plate is fitted with a viewing window, optional U.V. flame sensor mounting, pressure test facility and cooling air connection points. The spark electrode fitted into the fuel lance can be withdrawn from the back of the assembly. The nozzle mix design of the burner and the progressive air mixing feature of the combustion head ensure that the burners can operate with high turn down capability; turndown rates of 25:1 are possible depending on burner application and selection.

FC Technical Features

  • Typical Applications

    • Incineration of exhaust fumes
    • VOC’s and smoke from solvent and curing ovens
  • Turndown

    高达 25:1

  • Burner Duty

    ​FC 燃烧器的热容量高达 8800 kW

  • Gas Supply Pressure

    Typically 20 mbar

  • Fuel Types

    • Natural Gas
    • LPG
  • Flame Length

    mm (max)


Frequently Asked Questions


Can the FC burner run on all fuels?

It is suitable for Natural gas and L.P.G however other fuels can be accommodated but, please speak to our technical sales

Can it be modulating gas and air?

No the FC burner is design for on/off - high/low and modulating gas only. Please look at our PC range for modulating gas and air.

Do you offer 110v Control?

Yes we build FC's with 110v and 230v control voltages.

Can you change the handing of the burner?

Yes we can accommodate various different valve train handing's and burner casing orientations.