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SUNTEC Oil Pumps

SUNTEC take care of the whole process when it comes to fuel pumps for burners. With fuel pumps designed and manufactured in-house, they offer an extensive range with the same fantastic quality throughout, from the budget to high-end pump offerings. SUNTEC manufacture pumps for domestic and industrial burners and boilers.

We have access to the full range of SUNTEC pumps and spare parts, so if you cannot see what you are looking for, please contact us either by phone or using the Contact Us button.

Looking to replace another manufacturer's pump with a SUNTEC Oil Pump?

Contact us and we will happily help you to find the correct pump to replace a number of alternative manufacturers such as Delta, Danfoss and Eckerle.

Low Capacity Oil Pumps - Burners 10kW to 1,000kW

Medium Capacity Oil Pumps - Burners 400kW to 3,000kW

High Capacity Oil Pumps - Burners 3,000kW to 30,000kW

How To Identify Your SUNTEC Pump:

SUNTEC engrave the pump types and models in different locations on their pumps. To find out which pump you have, see the images below. Once you have located this marking please refer to the Pump Specific pages for details on what these markings mean and how to use them to decipher which pump you need.

SUNTEC AN, AE, AS, AL, ALE, AU, AR, AP, D, A 7000, A 3000, OL, B 8000 and B 4000 Pump Markings

AN, AE, AS, AL, ALE, AU, AR, AP, D, A 7000, A 3000, OL, B 8000 & B 4000 Pump Markings

SUNTEC A2L, AP 2/3, AT 2/3, AM and OT2 Pump Markings

A2L, AP 2/3, AT 2/3, AM and OT2 Pump Markings

SUNTEC AJ Pump Markings

AJ Pump Markings

SUNTEC J and E Pump Markings

J and E Pump Markings

SUNTEC TA and TAR Pump Markings

TA and TAR Pump Markings

SUNTEC T Pump Markings

T Pump Markings

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