In the interest of safety and technical performance, gas and oil burner and combustion installations have had to be designed and constructed to comply with various local, national and international statutory standards.

In the British gas industry standards were originaly introduced as codes of practice by the local gas supply companies and the Institution of Gas Engineers; later the 'Gas Act' of 1948 and the British 'Gas Council' introduced more codes of practice and standards.

The British Standards Institution introduced some standards covering the design and installation of burners, particularly fully automatic gas burners; these standards have been in applied until the introduction of equivalent European standards covering most types of burners, appliances and components.

The European standards (EN) are now in use throughout Europe and are generally accepted throughout most of the fuel consuming world.

Gas burners in use in industry are generally designed and constructed to comply with EN676 and EN746.

Many countries have published their own standards; in particular North America were standards are either Insurance company based, (FM, FIA and UL) or issued by the AGA (American Gas Association) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

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  Notes on Standard EN746
  Notes on Standard EN676


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