This section of the web site provides technical information with regard to the basic prionciples of the combustion of fuels.

It is always helpful to have access to basic fuel data and to understand fuel classifications, so details of such fuel properties as calorific value, specific gravity and chemical analysis are provided.

To assist full understanding of the combustion process, the simple principles of combustion chemistry are discussed.

It is essential when designing combustion plant, that the burner engineer considers the flame characteristics and flame temperature associated with a particular fuel.

Specific information with regard to such subjects as ignition temperatures the principles of flame propagation and detonation is supplied.

Important fuel characteristics such as flame speed and limits of inflammability are discussed and relevant data supplied.

In the interest of health and the natural environment Combustion Quality has to be checked and even monitored, so a description of the factors and standards used to quantify and measure quality performance is provided.

It is essential to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, so information with regard to the factors that govern and measure process and combustion efficiency is included.

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  Fuel data
  Combustion chemistry
  Flame characteristics
  Flame temperature
  Ignition temperature
  Flame propagation
  Flame speed
  Inflammability limits
  Combustion quality
  Combustion efficiency


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