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In order to ensure optimum reliability of safety shut off valves and other operating conditions it is often considered necessary to install filters in the gas pipeline to an appliance.

Most burner standards require a minimum of a fine strainer installed in the pipeline; this strainer is often an integral part of a solenoid or safety shut off valve.

The strainers normally must be capable of removing particles down to 0.5mm in size.
In applications wher it is thought necessary for process or safety reasons to have superior cleanliness of the gas it is necessary to install a seperate gas filter.

Gas filters are fitted with synthetic, washable filtering elements that can be removed quite easily for maintenance.

Filter elements usually filter the gas supply down to 50 microns, although special elements capable of filtering to 10 or 20 microns can be supplied.

When installing gas filters the pressure drop caused by the filter should always be considered.

For more information regarding the design, structure and application of Gas Filters consult the Technical (controls) section of this web-site.



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Dungs gas filters

Filter Type Pipe Size Max. Inlet Pressure   Operating Temp. Weight
GF505/1 1/2" 500mbar -15 to +80C 0.7Kg
GF507/1 3/4" 500mbar -15 to +80C 0.7Kg
GF510/1 1" 500mbar -15 to +80C 1.1Kg
GF515/1 1.5" 500mbar -15 to +80C 1.1Kg
GF520/1 2" 500mbar -15 to +80C 1.9Kg
GF40040/3 DN40 4bar -15 to +80C 2.8Kg
GF40050/3 DN50 4bar -15 to +80C 3.6Kg
GF40065/3 DN65 4bar -15 to +80C 5.7Kg
GF40080/3 DN80 4bar -15 to +80C 7.9Kg



solenoid valve



Econex gas filters

Econex Gas Filters are available in threaded sizes up to 2" BSP (RP-EN10226) and from PN16 flange sizes DN32 to DN200; on request units can be supplied with ANSI flanges. Standard filters are fitted with 50 micron filtering medium, filters fitted with 10 or 20 micron filtering elements can be supplied.

Filter Type Pipe Size Max. Inlet Pressure Operating Temp. Weight
FE215 1/2" 2bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE220 3/4" 2bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE225 1" 2bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE232 1.25" 2bar -20 to +70C 1.2Kg
FE240 1.5" 2bar -20 to +70C 1.2Kg
FE250 2" 2bar -20 to +70C 1.35Kg
FE250F DN50 2bar -20 to +70C 2.5Kg
FE265F DN65 2bar -20 to +70C 5.3Kg
FE280F DN80 2bar -20 to +70C 5.7Kg
FE2100F DN100 2bar -20 to +70C 9.8Kg
FE615 1/2" 6bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE620 3/4" 6bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE625 1" 6bar -20 to +70C 0.5Kg
FE632 1.25" 6bar -20 to +70C 1.2Kg
FE640 1.5" 6bar -20 to +70C 1.2Kg
FE650 2" 6bar -20 to +70C 1.35Kg
FE650F DN50 6bar -20 to +70C 2.5Kg
FE665F DN65 6bar -20 to +70C 5.3Kg
FE680F DN80 6bar -20 to +70C 5.7Kg
FE6100F DN100 6bar -20 to +70C 15Kg

solenoid valve



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