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Burners have been manufactured and assembled into complete systems by Comtherm for over thirty five years, this supply has included applications in all types of industry and for all types of fuel.

The range of gas burners available include low and high temperature oven and furnace applications, tube firing and incineration.
A wide range of packaged (mono-block) burners suitable for air heater or boiler firing is also available.

The Comtherm complete service to the combustion industry includes a range of oil burners that covers most low and high temperature industrial applications; these burners use various types of fuel atomisation; pressure jet, as well as low and medium pressure atomising units can be supplied.

A major part of Comtherm sales is the supply of air heaters into the oven and dryer industry.
These units can be direct or indirect fired and there are indirect types available cover outlet temperatures of over 400C and temperature rises from 30C to 300C.

Air heaters can be supplied fitted with complete combustion systems to allow oil, gas or dual fuel firing and high-low or modulation temperature control.

In most cases all of the internals of the heaters are manufactured from stainless steels; heaters with stainless steel outer casings and flues can also be supplied.

Combustion installations invariably require electrical controls with various functions. Control panels, either wall or floor mounted can be supplied by Comtherm.

These panels often contain flame safety equipment, isolators, plant switchgear and required indicator lights. Specific equipment required for a particular installation can also be included.

Comtherm can use its combustion and industrial experience to manufacture purpose built process plant for special and specific applications; generally were suitable equipment is not available from other suppliers.

Plant manufactured by Comtherm includes Jig burn-off ovens, Thermal oxidisers, flare stacks and incinerators.

The Comtherm factory facilities include a fully equipped steel fabrication section, where all the Comtherm steel components and heat exchangers are manufactured.

In addition to Comtherm steel fabrication requirements the factory has for many years undertaken the manufacture, supply and installation of fabrications for other parties not involved in the combustion or heating industry.

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