Using all the skills and facilities available within Comtherm we are able to offer solutions for process problems not normally encompassed by the traditional OEM market.
We are able to offer oxidisers, fire test furnaces, small incinerators and burn off ovens all which meet local and national standards.

These units have been used in the metal finishing industry and on food processing lines as well as in the metal treatment, building products and castings environments.

For specific process demands we have supplied preheat chambers, singeing and scorching lines, afterburn chambers, wash tanks, water storage vessels and die preheat systems.

Systems have been applied in industries as diverse as the Automotive, Plastics, Steelmaking, Glassmaking, Ceramics and Mineral Processing industries.

We have supplied many flare stacks and enclosed flare chambers into the biomass energy and landfill gas fields.

As well as thermal processing equipment we can supply general plant such as general storage tanks, pumping sets, oil preheaters, gas boosters, steel structures, flues and chimneys.


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