Comtherm manufacture a large range of indirect and direct fired air heaters.

All heaters are available with gas, oil or dual fuel combustion equipment. Heaters can be designed for installation into fresh air or recirculated air systems.

The HDF range of direct fired air heaters can be supplied suitable for exit temperatures up to 1250C. and are available in sizes from 60 kW to over 20MW This type of heater can be constructed in stainless or mild steel and can be externally insulated, fitted with inner cooling shell or completely refractory lined as required.

Comtherm indirect heaters are designed for most industrial process and commercial air heating applications where the mixing of products of combustion with the process air stream is not acceptable.

Indirect fired heaters are available in sizes from 60kW to 1200kW but can be constructed and arranged in combined banks to give multiples of these duties.

The AHP heater range is designed for Commercial and industrial heating applications where it can be provided with various casing options or in full weatherproof form.

The HEM heater is a versatile unit available in various casing sizes to accommodate different process air flows.

The HEF unit is a high performance unit designed for high temperature use where high heat exchange performance and high thermal efficiencies are required.

The Comtherm HET range of heaters are units designed for process applications where there is a requirement to raise relatively low volumes of process air through a relatively high temeperature rise with just one pass through the heater.

In addition to the above standard units comtherm are able to design bespoke or special units to suit individual requirements.

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