With over 30 years of experience in the process industry Comtherm are able to offer electrical control panels to compliment its supply of combustion equipment.

Panels can be suplied using various types of steel enclosures. Enclosures can be standard wall mounted, floor mounted - desk type of specialy fabricated to suit the customers requirements.

Panels can include all necessary burner fuse and switchgear, and can in addition include the switchgear for the process plant motors and drive units.

Depending on combustion equipment type, the panel will normally include the necessary electronic burner controls, including flame sensing and burner ignition sequencing equipment.

When required the plant temperature control equipment can be door mounted and integrated with the system.

Comtherm offers a wealth of experience in the supply of all leading proprietary PLC and SCADA systems, extending from basic HMI packages to advanced level systems.

Used across a wide range of industry sectors, our software allows processes to be monitored accurately whilst data and process variables can be adjusted and monitored from a remote source.

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