Comtherm manufacture and supply a wide range of oil burners suitable for use in the industrial, commercial and process markets.

We manufacture the range of Eurograde oil burners which are available as EFO industrial packaged units or as EFVO individual burner heads for use with remote fans and controls.

The EFO and EFVO burners can be supplied as high low or modulating and with various atomising method options.

These units are ideally suited to low or medium temperature process applications such as aluminium melting and holding furnaces.

As well as for gas oil and kersosene operation these burners are available in dual fuel (oil and gas) versions.

For heavy industrial use the Pyronics range of oil burners can be supplied. The XDF dual fuel unit is suitable for on-ratio or excess air firing of industrial process plant, kilns and furnaces.

We are the UK agents for the Elco range of industrial and commercial package burners, known for their high build quality and low emission performance.

Oil burners designed by Elco produce a stable flame with levels of pollutant emissions which are below the most stringent environmental requirements in force, this is achieved by the utilisation of internal recirculation of combustion gases which gasifies the fuel in order to accelerate combustion.

This unique and patented process stabilises the flame approximately thirty centimetres from the burner head: this is known as the “Free flame”.

In addition to the required reduction in nitrogen oxide levels, this process also significantly reduces the levels of unburnt solids and reduces the diameter of the flame enabling smaller combustion chambers to be used.

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