Comtherm produce a wide range of Gas burners, sizes range from 60 kW to excess of 40MW
Burners are supplied for all commercially available fuel gases as well as for special gases such as producer gas and sewage gas.

For many applications such as industrial process drying systems including ceramic dryers, rotary dryers and textile dryers the versatile PC series can be used.
These burners are also well suited to applications such as dry-off, flash off and curing ovens as well as annealing. tempering ovens, baking and food processing applications.

Where a short flame or large flame spread is required the PH burner can be utilised to great effect. The PH burner has a line type burner head with a thermal capacity of 150 kW per 150mm of burner head.

The HC burner head is similar to the PH burner except that its design results in it being capable of a thermal output of up to 300 kW per 150mm of burner head.

The SP burner utilises a line type burner head, to form a sideplate assembly; an integral combustion air fan is fitted on the back of the burner head.
This arrangement makes the unit ideally suited to low temperature make up air heating and Air Replacement Plant (ARP) applications where ambient air is to be heated in ducts with either negative or positive duct pressures.

The RSP burners also uses a line type burner head mounted on a sideplate, unlike the SP burner the combustion air fan is mounted externally and combustion air is ducted to the burner head.

The PP utilises the well established PH and HC burner heads and the packaged features of the PC burner to create a burner unit having both high performance and good appearance.
The unit is designed with ease of maintenance in mind and the unit can be easily serviced without the need to remove the burner from the appliance casing.
The PP burners short flame characteristics and high turndown capabilities make it ideal for many industrial applications.

. The FC burner is ideally suited for applicaton to industrial fume incineration plant or large direct fired air heaters. These burners are available for use with gas or light fuel oil.

. The TF and TFR range of burners are based on the PC burner arrangement except that they have been specifically modified for firing both large bore and small diameter immersion tubes respectively.
The burner can be used in all types of industrial tanks for heating water, phosphate or other chemical solutions.

Comtherm have burners perfectly suitable for high temperature work such as Oxidisers, Incinerators, kilns, furnaces and high temperature ovens, Bespoke nozzle mix combustion systems can be supplied; these burners are available with high grade steel, silicon carbide and refractory outlets and are available in excess air, medium, low and high velocity versions.

In addition to the established range of Comtherm burners described above, the company is able to supply burner and combustion systems, either packaged or on-site assembled using Pyronics, Eurograde or NBP combustion equipment.

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