In the early 1970ís Comtherm Limited established a reputation supplying 'in-line' type low temperature burners into the ceramic industry. Burners were installed on a wide range of types of ovens and dryers.

The Comtherm burner range was expanded to include packaged low temperature burners specifically designed for excess air applications; many such burners were supplied and fitted to drying and curing ovens in the paint finishing and plastic coating industries.

The packaged In-Line excess air burners proved to be suitable for almost all types of low temperature application; particularly in the automobile, paper manufacture and food industries.

Environmental considerations led to the development of a wide range of types of indirect fired process air heaters; these have been installed into almost every industry were the mixing of combustion products with the process environment is not desirable.

Fume incineration and high temperature burners have been added to the Comtherm range and installed successfully on many fume incineration installations and in most industries.

The high temperature range of burners have been installed on most types of furnace, including metal melting, steel annealing and heat treatment applications.

Recently both oil, gas and dual fuel burners have become available, these products are suitable for most types and sizes of hot water and steam boiler application.

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